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A Personal Trainer Approach To Your Finances

Technology is great, but unfortunately the financial solutions available to us only address one or two aspects of our lives. For many of us, our financial picture is like a puzzle with pieces scattered all over the place; and the technology only puts together parts of the puzzle.

We want to put it all together for you!


Have you set financial goals for yourself? Do you even know what you can accomplish financially? Our clients with the most clearly defined financial goals get the best results. We can help you determine and achieve yours!


Do you know your credit score? Have you had problems with credit in the past and don’t know how to move forward? Do you know that a great credit score can help you travel the world?


63% of Americans couldn’t handle a $500 emergency because they have minimal emergency funds. We have clients who started with us in this position too and now emergencies are just mere inconveniences.


For most of us, savings is an afterthought and what we do with our leftover money at the end of the month. Our clients are saving at rates of 20-25% of their gross incomes and still living lives filled with joy.


Budgets are like diets, no one wants to be on one, so we like to say spending plan. We help our clients find the most successful spending plan for their lifestyle so they can accomplish their financial goals and still enjoy life.


Home ownership is a dream that many Americans feel they can’t achieve, but if you wanted to accomplish it, do you have a plan for how to achieve that dream? Do you understand what the process will look like and how you should avoid becoming home poor by taking the advice of mortgage brokers?


71% of students are graduating with student loan debt. Do you know how to manage yours while also accomplishing other life goals? There are literally dozens of student loan repayment options available; and we’ll help you pick the best one for you and your life goals.


We hate the word retirement, it makes us think of the point in our lives where we’re winding down and living on fixed incomes. We like the words “financial freedom,” and that’s what we help our clients achieve. We want our clients to have the freedom to work or not and to reach that point before they’re eligible for social security.


Have you always wanted to invest*? Are you scared to invest on your own? If you answered yes and yes, then you’re just like our founder Greg was before he became a financial trainer; and he’s trained his trainers how to empower and educate our clients so that they can invest* and make their money work for them.


Are you a business owner that's not sure if you're managing your income and expenses correctly? Do you have a game plan to ensure you maximize your tax deductions just as a major corporation does? Our founder Greg started out with the same questions. Let us lead you the right way!


80% of Americans are overpaying taxes and receive a refund yearly. Are you waiting for a refund every year? Let us show you how to maximize your take home pay so you can accelerate the process of reaching your financial fitness!

Wealth Protection

People hate talking about life Insurance but this is the cornerstone to building, protecting, and passing down wealth. There have been people that worked all of their lives and then something tragic happened. Because of inadequate wealth protection the family couldn't maintain the life style established while the bread winner was living. Don't let this be you. Our trainers will help you ensure your wealth will be protected even after you’re gone.


The Financial Physical

People get yearly physicals with their doctors and go see the dentist twice a year. When’s the last time you had a Financial Physical?

The Financial Physical is a three step process:


A.W4 Tax Analysis

B.Credit Analysis

C.Homework: Complete a Financial Goal Sheet& a Financial Needs Analysis

Step 2

A.Review Financial Goal Sheet

B.Review Financial Needs Analysis

Step 3

A.Provide client with a Personal Financial Strategybased on steps 1 and 2.Strategies that could be implemented include:

Debt Elimination plan
Credit Repair/Restoration
Build of an emergency fund
Spending Plan(Budgeting)
Retirement Planning/Investing
*Life Insurance
Business Coaching



W4 Analysis (Increase your take home pay)

You Invest* $29

Investment* Game Plan

You Invest* $49

Spending Plan A.K.A Budget

You Invest* $49

Debt Reduction Game Plan

You Invest* $29

Retirement Game Plan

You Invest* $49

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

You Invest* $29

Business Coaching

Invest* $49

Credit Analysis**

You Invest* $29

Credit Counseling

Investment* amount will be based on results from the Credit Analysis. (prices range is $199 to $399 startup fee + $69 to $99 per month)



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